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Non Commecrial (Residential) Pick Up or Delivery

Residential Pick Up or Delivery

What is Residential Pick Up or Delivery? Unlike parcel delivery companies (Fedex, UPS, etc.), common freight carriers typically only provide dock-to-dock service or curbside delivery where the driver does not touch the freight. This is known in the freight industry as “Dock to Dock, Shipper Loads / Receiver Unloads”.

When a carrier deliver to a residence or similar location (school, etc.) they may charge a special “Residential Location” accessorial charge. This fee can be quiet high and varies greatly between carriers. If you need a residential pick up or delivery, carrier A may have a special discounted rate for the actual shipment but you may lose all the freight savings on the residential delivery fee, while carrier B may be more expensive on the shipment, but they may specialize in residential delivery, thus providing specialized residential delivery service with the same combined freight charge.

Rapid Express Freight always looks at your entire freight shipping need, not just the actual movement of the freight. We can help you with all your residential freight pickup and delivery needs. We will advise you on your options and help you decide what works best for you particular shipping needs. You should be aware that in addition to the “Non Commercial” pick-up or delivery fee, shipments not going dock to dock usually also have additional other services and fees associated with the shipment. They include delivery appointment fees, use of a hydraulic lift gate to unload the freight and inside pickup or delivery. So if you are not a high volume shipper or receiver, you may be surprised that the $200.00 budget you have for your shipment might end up at $500.00.

This is why it is very important to have an experienced and honest freight broker move your freight. When you know your options up front, you will spare frustration upon delivery. In some cases, you may save a lot of the freight cost if you are willing to drop off or pick up your freight from the carriers local terminal.

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