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We offer full LTR (Load to Ride) freight transportation services.

Unlike traditional LTL (less than truckload) and High Volume Partial Truckload freight services, LTL Load To Ride freight services does not get reloaded in freight terminals.

LTR, also called No Break Bulk Load, gets loaded directly to the delivery with preset freight delivery appointments (as needed). This significantly reduces freight transit time because the freight does not have to be unloaded at a local freight terminal and consolidated with other freight going to the same geographical area with other freight shipments.

There are other numerous benefits to LTR freight:

No Transfer, No Damage

Picking up your freight directly at the shipping and loading it to ride directly to the delivery eliminates loading and unloading your freight at numerous terminals. Besides the actual handling of the freight, it also stops at terminals you don’t know and may not trust.

Your freight arrives much faster

Less risk of stolen goods

No Transfer, More Savings

Unlike common belief, this service might SAVE you money on your freight shipment Because we match the freight to carriers that may have already picked up a large partial shipment and are on their way to the same geographical area where your freight has to go, we handle the freight less and it does not have to stop at terminals. This in fact can provide a much higher freight delivery service at great rates saving you on your freight shipments.


So if you are in a hurry, Rapid Express Freight’s LTR might be just what you need. Most LTR shipments are expedited and we can add guaranteed services if needed.

We can offer LTR exclusive use or if you don’t need the entire truckload, we combine LTR with our traditional LTL and partial truckload services. We will arrange to pick up other fright first and load your shipment based on the delivery stops. In the past, New Century Transportation used to offer this service. We used this Load to Ride service from New Century Transportation for lots of our clients. Unfortunately, New Century Transportation closed its doors suddenly in June 2014 and we were no longer able to offer this service. Recently we listened to our freight customers and decided to start offering the service ourselves as a freight broker. We contract out your load to freight shipping carriers just like we do LTL with specific agreed pick up and delivery instructions and schedules in order to get your freight load delivered in an expedited manor. At the current time, we are not aware of any other freight broker that offers this unique service in the United States.