Dry Vans

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Dry Vans Trailer Freight Shipping for your Truckload Needs

Dry Vans

Dry Vans also known as Semi Trailers, Semis, Tractor Trailer, or just 18 wheelers are a combination of a truck (or tractor) pulling a trailer.

Whether you require a local truckload move or a long distance haul across the United States, Rapid Express Freight Truckload Service has the right equipment and capabilities to handle your dry vans shipping needs at competitive prices.

The standard trailers are 48 ft. or 53 ft. in length. They carry approx 52 pallets of freight and are designed to back in to a loading dock and the freight is loaded by forklift. Maximum weight on dry vans are approx 43,000 lbs.

A trailer’s dimensions vary greatly, depending on the amount and type of cargo it was designed to haul. In the United States they are normally limited to 8.5 ft.

Enclosed Box Trailer (aka Dry Van)

Dry Vans

Dry Vans

This trailer accommodates freight with the maximum legal weight and dimensions shown below.

Max. Freight Weight
45,000 lbs.

Maximum Freight Dimensions

Length: 52.5 feet
Width: 8 feet 5 inches (100″)
Height: 9 feet 2inches (110″)

We also offer Refrigerator Trailers for your temperature controlled freight shipments.

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