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Freight Carriers

Rapid Express Freight is a licensed freight carrier broker by the US DOT (Department of Transportation)

What that means: We have access to hundreds of the best freight carriers in the nation.

Did you know?

Rapid Express Freight is bonded in all states.

Freight brokers and forwarders are required to get at least a $75,000 freight broker bond to get their authority. In the United States, freight broker surety bonds are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Their role is to guarantee that the broker will operate according to their agreements with shippers.

Large shippers get contracted rates with some of the largest carriers. We have negotiated special rates with these carriers so that you don’t have to. Most of these special discounted rates are only available to large shippers. And even if you have a good discount with some LTL carriers, they don’t cover every lane you may need. We know which carriers are best for each shipment. When we enter a possible load in our system (freight quote request), our system will start matching the best carrier based on the origin and destination of your freight. A carrier that specializes in New York / New Jersey to Florida might have a better deal at a 50% discount than a national carrier that gives you a 75% discount.

As a national freight broker, we are contracted with hundreds of truckload and LTL freight carriers. Our computerized system will match the right freight carrier to your specific shipment needs.

We will match up the right shipment to the carrier based on each individual customer and particular shipment. There are many considerations before choosing the carrier for your freight. It will depend in what type of freight you are shipping, the speed in which you need your freight delivered, the value of the goods and more.

A partial listing of some of the more popular freight carriers we deal with is posted on the left side menu of this page. For more information on a particular carrier, click on the name of the carrier in the left menu.

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