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We offer Flatbed Freight Shipping Services for all your Heavy Shipping Needs

Why Flatbed Freight Shipping services? Not all freight can be shipped in standard dry vans (regular tractor and trailer combination). Heavy equipment that needs to be tied down. Over-sized freight and side loading are some of the freight that will need some type of flatbed trailer equipment to move.

Rapid Express Freight specializes in all type of flatbed freight shipping services. We will help you with your truckload and LTL flatbed shipments. Our experienced team will help you choose the right equipment including basic flatbeds, step decks, double drops, low boy and more. We will also help you with your specialized shipments that requires tarps (covers), extra heavy or over dimensional freight, permits for over-sized loads and escort services where required.

Flatbed shipping requires special handling and quoting due to the fact that they are sometimes over-sized or extra heavy. In addition, some of these flatbed deliveries go directly to job or constructions sites. So most of the time it is not a simple dock-to-dock pickup and delivery. Coordination with others may be required including making sure the scheduling works with people at the delivery site like hired lumper services.


Flatbed Freight Shipping

Rapid Express Freight has many years of experienced in taking care of your flatbed and oversized freight. Trust your flatbed freight to the specialists at Rapid Express Freight. We will make your difficult and specialized shipment a pleasant one. We will do our best to coordinate between the customer, pick up location and/or final delivery.

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